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Cora's Crafts doesn't just believe that everyone should smile, we've put that belief into practice. Sending smiles one bracelet at a time, Cora's Crafts has sent more than 200 packages with our handmade jewelry to people around the world!

Starting in 2020, Cora began crafting jewelry to help children in her neighborhood smile. It was such a joy that she got crafty for local first responders and frontline workers too. Her mission is small but mighty, just like her. Cora now works to ease the unhappiness of others and spread joy through her community. 


And guess what? It works!


Now celebrating our first year, Cora's Crafts is more dedicated to our mission than ever: create support, raise awareness and promote positive change.


Throughout this journey we have been welcomed into the lives of so many wonderful people. What started as a bracelet has turned into a lifelong connection with so many. We cherish all of the families and warriors who have opened your hearts. You are a huge part of our success story, and we plan to meet more and more of you. 

Thank you for joining Cora's Crafts as we carry out our mission with care, thoughtfulness and quality crafting!

Meet The Team


The Davenports

Erik Chan on the ukulele 


Board Member

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